• Creating systems for the world.

    We all know each other here. School and university teachers, developers, hackers and company owners. We cooperate, help each other and make friends. We all love this beautiful part of the world - with stunning nature, charming towns and villages and top IT companies with friendly atmosphere. We are proud of our work - changing the world.

    IT cluster of Žilina region

    Automotive telematics

    The Car is the New Software Platform. We transform what’s in and around the vehicle. By leveraging the latest technology, we have provided digital solutions for in-vehicle electronics, driver assistance systems, active safety systems, and modern cloud platforms, leaving drivers with unparalleled user experience.

    Parking management systems

    Smart solutions for parking management offers individual possibilities and options for innovative, future-based and investment-safe business models. The parking management system can be smartly integrated into existing IT structures and thus becomes part of cross-industry concepts.

    News and media

    The digital transformation of society and media is a great opportunity. We are actively shaping this transformation by using the best talent and technological competence. Creating and running IT systems for journalism of 21st century.

    Public transport solutions

    Complete software and hardware solutions for public transport. By using cloud-based software and also IoT solutions we are able to provide real-time data and enhanced analytics for passengers, dispatchers, transport operators and authorities.

  • We do have a lot to offer.

    Opportunities are easy to be found here. And you don't even have to go far.

    Perfect school system.

    With IT geeks, ofc.

    From basic school to university and lifetime education. If you decide for IT career, the school system is here for you.

    Dream jobs.

    With top IT companies.

    Starting your IT career? Or serching for senior position? Does not matter. You can choose among different positions and companies..

    Beautiful countryside.

    In the middle of the mountains.

    So close everywhere. From your office to mountain hike in 30 min.? No problem. Same with cycling, skiing or wellness in nature. Everything is really close.

    IT community.

    We do support each other.

    We all want you to be part of a successful community. That is why we are helping each other - to be skilled, motivated and happy in our lives. Friends usually do that.

  • Building together an IT region:

  • To grow the community.

    We organize events, help the education system and motivate young people to shape the future.


    Smart books is an educational tool aiming at transforming educational process to digital form. It a platform developed by one of the cluster companies, where nearly all subjects taught at basic or middle schools could be implemented. Students and teacher are using the system to teach&learn and also to test the skills.

    Aim of cluster is to promote technical education through support of SmartBooks. Thanks to KIA foundation and cluster initiative, system was implemented on more than 70 schools already.


    IT meetups in Zilina are regularly organized events by the IT community for the IT community. Organized mainly by cluster companies and oriented on mobile apps development internet of things and also specific programming tools. They occur most of the year on monthly basis.

    Aim of cluster supporting this events is to help IT community to become experts in certain fields of technology and to network to develop knowledge


    Event hosted at the university o Zilina aimed to attract young people from whole Slovakia to study IT at the university. Once a year more than 1500 young people come and visit company stands with latest tech gadgets as well as university tech labs. Within one day they can also attend more than 20 workshops.

    Aim of cluster participants is to attract the best students to become part of university of Zilina and future people of local IT companies.


    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we could not meet, travel and work as we used to over the first half of 2020. So we initiated a sport and charitable challenge - to go around the world from our region by walking, running, biking etc - in just 40 days. And to support one of the non-profits in our region.

    At the end, we did 51.721 km and raised more than 4.000 EUR. Mainly with the help of cluster companies and their wonderful people.

  • IT cluster of Žilina region

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